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Biography & Statement

About Richa

Her colours remind you of Indian festivals and subjects are woven around delicate relationships. Richa is a London based artist born and raised in picturesque Kolhapur, India. She draws inspiration from what lies beyond relationships. Her last series portrays the role and lifestyle of contemporary Indian woman.

She loves working with Oil and Pastels and also finds it invigorating when challenged with new mediums. Having had several solo exhibitions in India and London, she is looking forward for her new series called ‘overlapping lives’.

Currently Richa is exploring new possibilities whilst studying at Art Academy, London integrating her Indian roots with new life in UK.


Richa Vora’s practice is rooted in India where she was born and brought up in the surrounds of lush Kolhapur forests, embracing the details and wealth of textures in nature. This influence is core to her practice where her early figurative work captures scenes from traditional surroundings and portrays women in contemporary India. This period allowed Richa to explore techniques, compositions, mediums and colors.

Her inspiration was found in her memories, woven around nature, friends and siblings. Her work captures the feelings, colors, warmth and atmosphere by which she remembers her childhood.

Through Richa’s exposure to contemporary practice in London she explore the transient nature of human relationships in her work. She now experiments with layering of her discrete recollections, merging these to create abstract landscapes as an Archival of her Memories.

Richa invites viewers to recollect perhaps forgotten memories and stirring associated emotions in the layers of her works.