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‘Lockdown Mothers’ ☺️

‘Lockdown Mothers’ ☺️

This self-portrait was necessary to paint, capturing a very true moment of my life. I delivered my first baby last year who is now 9 months old and haven’t been able to visit my parents yet. Every day I wake up and ask myself ‘why me’? I am managing to smile for my baby but he knows somewhere something is wrong with his mama.

This selfie portrait has late sunset light, casting window bars’ shadows on us representing my inability to go out and see my parents in India who I remember as each day ends.

This pandemic and my new motherhood has completely changed my perception about my work and life. This moody portrait in evening light is a real description of my and my baby’s emotions. Incomplete, rendered folds on my dress represent dissatisfaction and elements of emptiness caused by the pandemic.

This is painted in oil on canvas. Size : 12 x 16inch

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