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She Knows That

She Knows That

I really want to talk about this painting, which is from my Contemporary Women series. In 2017 my paintings were exhibitited in The Nehru Centre, Mayfair, London. This painting was a part of the show. This subject was inspired by the unknowingness of self-beauty. I find each woman is beautiful in her own way.

In this whole series I painted my friends and family. In some of these paintings, scenes from my childhood have been recreated. Girls and women Contemplating and observing, Thinking and sharing, Cherishing festivals or just self love.

This series reflects bold bright colours which I have enjoyed and observed in India. Colours that represents emotions. All these bright colours shine with the Sun and somehow make a very joyful atmostphere around, which I realised after living in London for 5 years!

Along with bright colours, I have painted these paintings with big brushes and knives using amazing buttery oil colours. I hope you enjoy all of these works which can be seen in the Gallery.

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